​Sometimes autistic individuals may display behaviour which challenges and you might not know why. These behaviours can have a negative impact on them and also their families, if the do get the right supports to meet their needs. 

That's why at this year's Autism Web Summit - Autism: Beyond Behaviours, our goal is to help you as a professional with practical strategies, helpful tools and actionable insights to help you, your work and the autistic children and adults you support. 

At this year's conference you'll learn:

✓ How do you support autistic individuals when they are displaying challenging behaviour? 

✓  How do you introduce strategies and interventions if an autistic person experiences overwhelm? 

✓  How do you deal with behaviours of concern during activities such as going shopping, physical exercises, eating or games? 

✓  How do you reduce anxiety and potential mental health issues especially during transitional times

✓  How do you help an autistic person recognise and manage their anxiety?  

✓  How do you use successful interventions for supporting autistic people in your organisation? 

✓  How do you understand and communicate with your autistic clients? 

✓  How do you approach and support a distressed person

✓  How do you support and deal with meltdowns

✓  How do you help create balance for emotional regulation?  

✓  How do you meet the needs of autistic individuals in your work? 

✓  How do you help an autistic individual reach their potential

✓  How do you support autistic people to express themselves

✓ How do you help an autistic person to deal with their emotions and frustrations

✓  How do you support autistic people during sensitive periods

To learn these strategies, interventions and resources, join this year's CPD Accredited

Autism Web Summit to support and make a difference with the autistic people you work with! 



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